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We offer full stack consulting services that will improve your business and your bottom line more than anyone else in the industry can. Every single member of our team is a full stack generalist. From Python, to SQL, to Javascript, and HTML+CSS, we do it all. Whether you want your own app, want to assess your tech stack, or want to talk AI, we specialize in reducing IT costs, and generating profits from your IT department.

I currently have over 30 books available on Amazon related to every aspect of Artificial Intelligence. From Development, to Mathemetics, to Philosophy. 

I currently offer over 30 courses related to AI and Machine Learning on Udemy. Several of them are 100% free courses. 


The Hidden Learning Potential of AI: A Case for Conversational Data
2024-03-05 07:26 Large language models (LLMs) are the driving force behind the current AI explosion. Yet, a fundamental debate rages: can these models meaningfully learn and store knowledge from the conversations they...
The AI Domination Dilemma: Don't Make Tomorrow's Amazon Mistake
2024-03-04 22:43 We all remember the seismic shifts of e-commerce 15 years ago. Back then, bold businesses that handed the reins of their online sales to Amazon reaped significant early rewards. Convenience, massive a...
Can You Use An LLM Model To Replace A CDP: Hands On Experiments
2024-03-02 21:10 Fuzzy logic is a problem that has been a personal thorn in my side for almost a decade now, so I have personally been intrigued by the allure of using LLM models to replace fuzzy logic detection, or C...
AI: The First Appreciating Asset in the IT Arsenal
2024-02-26 20:22 In the fast-evolving landscape of information technology, investments in software and hardware have traditionally been viewed through a prism of depreciation. From servers to enterprise software, thes...
Unlocking the Power of Few-Shot Learning: ACTIVE FEW-SHOT FINE-TUNING (ITL)
2024-02-26 18:15 Fine-tuning large language models and other complex neural networks often requires loads of labeled data to achieve excellent performance on specific tasks. But what if labeled data is scarce? Enter A...
Combining Forces: The Power of Hybrid Spam Detection Systems
2024-02-23 07:06 In the realm of digital communication, spam detection is a critical challenge for both individuals and organizations. The quest to accurately filter out unwanted messages without inadvertently blockin...


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